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I received my copy of the Genesis 5 book and I must say it is fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I was really blown away by some of the pictures. Just unbelievable. And you mentioned the next Genesis 3 book. What period of the band will that cover and will it be as voluminous as this book? My hats off to you on a great job. And your Misses, Stella, did a great job packing the book. It arrived in perfect shape, which I really appreciate.
Doug W, UK. Apr 24 2020

Genesis 5 has landed! Wow, a breathtakingly beautiful pictorial record of a remarkable era in musical history. It is so crammed with goodies that you need weight lifting arms to hold it! Out of the park once again Robert, thank you Sir! Congratulations on such a magnificent book. It"s going to take a while to marvel at so many wonderful images. Thank you also for the credit, certainly never expected that, too kind of you.
Graham C, UK. April 24 2020

Il est arrivee. For anyone hesitating over purchase, it truly is a sumptuous affair.
Phil M, UK. April 24 2020

Just received my book Robert Ellis! Absolutely stunning! Nice to see friends Tony Bridgeman, Alan Hewitt, Lynn Praid & Mark Praid, and Richard Macphail getting honourable mentions too. (I´ll forgive you the spelling mistake on page 11). Favourite photo is Steve Hackett on page 136. The light reflecting off the guitar to illuminate his face. Thank you. 5 was everything I hoped for, and more.
Kenny B, UK. April 26 2020

I am about half way through this book and I have to say that it is really great. I STRONGLY recommend this be added to your collection of Genesis publications.
Mark B, April 27 2020

Hello Robert, the Genesis 5 book arrived safely this morning. Im totally thrilled! And the packaging was excellent as well. Thanks again!
Zou Z, France. April 28 2020

This is to let you know the book arrived this morning in perfect condition. It was not until few minutes ago that I was able to take a look at it. A great collection of Genesis pictures without doubt. Will there be a Genesis Volume II by the end of the year? Thanks very much for everything. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Francesc F, France. April 28 2020

Just received the Genesis 5 book, well packed and well produced. The photo quality is amazing throughout and the photo choices mostly unseen before. Great job!
Adam G ( Ohio, USA. April 29 2020

The Rock Library
presents the twelfth book in a series of titles
by Robert Ellis
images and spreads shown here subject to change.

This hard back book measures 250x297mm, has 282 pages, and contains over 630 images. It is not a history or a biography. It is a collection of my photographs from the Genesis line up of Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, and Steve Hackett, It is arranged in chronological order and spans the tours and events I was at. It begins in 1972 with 'Nursery Cryme' and continues through the next two tours up to 1975 and 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'. It then continues with the 'Wind & Wuthering' tour of 1977 which featured Phil Collins upfront and was the last tour with Steve Hackett on board. The book ends with the 'Six Of The Best' event from 1982 as all five took part. I have unearthed a few surprises along the way that even I had forgotten. Take a colourful and spectacular journey down Genesis memory lane with me and a few fans who have contributed their stories. I will not make this book available through Amazon or in any bookshop. You can only get it here on this site.

The price is £105 UK pounds plus shipping. We ship worldwide except to a few countries where imports are barred. You will be advised. The total price will be automatically converted to your local currency using the prevailing rate at the time of order. Import duties and taxes that may be levied by the destination territory are the responsibility of the recipient. We accept PayPal and all major debit and credit cards via a secured server. Each copy will be signed by the author. A dedication can be added if requested at the time of order. Full terms and conditions of this offer are given on the website and the exact closing date of the preorder and the publication day will be announced on social media and to all buyers nearer the time. Watch this space and follow Robert Ellis on Twitter and Facebook. The links are at the bottom of this page.

Rob your book just reached me in Lugano.. A total pearl..This is the best photo book on Genesis by a long stretch.. Well done! Thanks for your labour of love!
Roger S, Switzerland. April 30 2020

A wonderful book arrived at my house just now. Something exciting to read this weekend. A big shout out to the author Robert Ellis for opening up his archives and giving us these amazing photos of our favorite band. Can´t wait to see volume 2.
Michael B, PA, USA. May 1 2020.

Hi Rob! yes I have received my copy. Fantastic images! Very pleased with the it. Many thanks!
David K, Cheshire UK. May 1 2020.

I´ve just received the Genesis book, very quick since you sent it! It´s wonderful, love it!!!! This kind of things make me happy. Make people happy for sure.
Manoel M, Madrid, Spain. May 2 2020

I received it yesterday...a mere two days to make it from the UK to the States. The tracking was excellent, the book was expertly packaged, and it arrived in pristine condition! Thank you, Robert! I´ll be looking forward to the next book.
Jason M, Ohio USA. May 2 2020

It arrived Robert! What a magnificent book and what a personal message in it! And so well packed!!
Chris B, Holland. May 5 2020

I received your Genesis 5 book yesterday safely, and i am really happy! It is a beautiful book, and I will (take) some time to check it completely. Does Genesis 5 mean that you already published 5 books about Genesis? If so, I need the first 3!!!Please let me know if you will have more Genesis projects. Once more, thanks for all.
Stephane R, Paris, France. May 7 2020

I received my copy of your Genesis 5 book on Tuesday - thank you so much for going the extra mile with the fantastic packaging. The book is in absolutely pristine condition and is taking pride of place in my 70´s music book collection. I have taken a quick look through your latest masterpiece and I have to compliment you on a fabulous job. I first saw Genesis at Birmingham Odeon on the ´77 Wind and Wuthering Tour......and then numerous times after. Your photographic compositions, impromptu moments captured and narrative evoke many happy memories for me.....I´ll be spending this VE Day bank holiday inspecting the whole collection with a huge smile on my face!!
Anjan S, Surrey, UK. May 7 2020

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