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Classic Rock Magazine Germany, review April 2015
AC/DC Highway - Inside the Tour by Robert Ellis Bon Voyage - On the road with Bon
There are already a lot of AC/DC biographies that have dealt with the Bon Scott era. But no book has to offer so much unpublished visual material as the one by the former band photographer Robert Ellis. The Londoner was working in this business since the end of the sixties and also worked closely with all the relevant bands of the seventies. The small man with the big glasses accompanied these Australians for several years, starting at the time of "quotHighway to Hell". His single bag cover of the single "Touch Too Much" is unforgettable. It was printed in its first edition back to front!, or the back of the single sleeve that shows the band from a bird´s eye perspective. Ellis was not only a photographer taking pictures of the band but also had a direct connection to the band, particularly to Bon Scott. You definitely recognise this. In this picture book you get a documentary of the "Highway to Hell" tour from the festival gig with The Who in the summer of 1979 to the last gig in Southampton, end of January 1980. For Scott fans this is a must, because here you see the singer once more close up and intimate. It is fitting for the 35th anniversary of his death. You can buy it for £95.00 plus shipping from
Joerg Staude translated by Stella Ellis

ROCK HARD Germany, title story issue #336, May 2015
The Rock Library
presents the eleventh book in a series of titles
AC/DC Highway The Bonfest Edition
by Robert Ellis
images and spreads shown here subject to change.

The hardback first edition of this book sold out and I continued to receive expressions of interest. So, given the help of the wonderful folk up in Kirriemuir and our mutual love of the great Bon Scott, I bring you The BonFest Edition. A limited second edition of Highway. Fully revised, it is softback and the same size (192 pages 297x260mm) and content as the original. It is now on pre-order and this will close on April 19, 2019. Publication is set for April 29 2019, to coincide with the opening of this year's celebration at the BonFest during the first weekend in May.

We ship worldwide except to a few countries where imports are barred. You will be advised. The total price will be automatically converted to your local currency using the prevailing rate at the time of order. A donation will be made to the DD8 Music Charity in Kirriemuir for each copy sold. This charity nurtures the love of music in the local community.

We accept PayPal and all major debit and credit cards accepted via a secured server. Each copy will be signed by the author. A dedication can be added if requested at the time of order. Full terms and conditions of this offer are given on the website and the exact publication date will be announced on social media and to all buyers nearer the time. Watch this space and follow Robert Ellis on Twitter and Facebook. The links are at the bottom of this page.

Tue, 17 Mar
I received the Highway to Hell book yesterday. I can't put into words how wonderful it is other than to say you have done a masterful job documenting a magical time in rock history. Thank you so much for putting that book together. Best, Alex

Tue, 17 Mar
Yesterday, your book on AC/DC's Highway to hell tour was finally delivered. It was worth waiting for, every penny of it! Also many thanks for the personal note in the book. AC/DC Always, Francis

17 March
Thanks a lot Robert! Book arrived today and it´s brilliant. Remi

17 March
Finally it´s here! What a great book from the best rock ´n roll photographer! Thank you very much Robert Ellis ! Bon would be proud I´m sure.... This book takes me back into my childhood when I spent uncountable hours watching your great pics from the best band ever!! Joerg H

11 March
Well, the DPD postman wasn't the smartest, but finally it's here.... Thank you Robert Ellis , wonderful work and a nice journey back to the late seventies / early eighties...the book makes me jealous of those who were able to attend the gigs back then and see Bon perform on stage... Cheers! Rafael W from Germany

11 March
Le livre de Robert Ellis est arrivà ! Un must pour les amoureux de photos de la période Highway to Hell !! Thanks Robert ! The book of Robert Ellis arrived! A must for lovers of photos of the period highway to hell!! Thanks robert! Baptiste B from France

11 March
Gamin, j´ai dû passer des centaines et des centaines d´heures á disséquer ses photos. Aujourd´hui, je reçois son superbe livre dédié au Highway To Hell Tour 1979/80. La boucle est bouclée. Heureux ! Merci Monsieur Robert Ellis ! As a kid, I must have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours looking at his pictures. Today, I just received his superb book on the Highway To Hell Tour 1979/80. It eventually came full circle. I'm Happy ! Thanks very much, Sir Robert Ellis ! Phil L from France.

10 March
This is the fantastic Robert Ellis Highway inside the tour book I received this morning. Full of great quality unseen photo's on quality paper encased in a quality book cover. Honest and truthful text (unlike some other books) as he was on the Highway to hell tour with them. Thank you for sharing your memories of being on tour with AC/DC with the fans Robert. Robert E from the UK

Thu, 16 Apr
Wauu I miss words. This is GREAT! What a fantastic historic manifest of Bon Scott and AC/DC. It takes me back to my childhood when it all began. I didn’t have videos of the band just pics and the music of. This book is pure and true art for a fan. I’m already looking forward for the next one with Brian and the next….Take care Robert Ellis….and I thank you so much. Leo from Denmark

17 Apr
OH...MY....GOD. This book is absolutely phenomenal!!! I had my fingers crossed that It wasn't going to be a bunch of photos I had seen before...sure isn't. Some of course yes, but the majority no. Please let me know when the Back In Black book is ready. I will be your first customer. Stellar work. Thanks again! Randy - from Northern California, USA

18 Oct 2016
I have long admired this book. Wanting to see all the great unseen pictures and texts that lay hidden in pages, that realistically I never ever thought I would be privileged enough to see. Now, I can bask in the best book on AC/DC and their glory years, that I will treasure for the rest of my life. A very emotional moment for me right now as I write this to you. To me this book is like Carter opening the tomb of Tutankhamen for the first time, and seeing long lost priceless artefacts from a different time that were thought lost forever. So again I Thank you. I cannot wait to show William Young this beautiful book, he will love it. Thanks again and best wishes
Shaun from Queensland, Australia.

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